Each and every domain that's registered and hosted has lots of DNS records - some of them are created automatically when you host a domain, others can be created manually if needed. For example, the A record of a domain name is its IP address i.e. this record shows where the site is situated; the MX records show where the e-mails are stored, while using an SRV record you can use a domain for unconventional purposes, such as a Voice-over-IP service. Being able to set up and modify certain records enables you to have different services with different providers if, for illustration, your present host provides good web hosting, but has troubles with the e-mail service, or you simply prefer to get a certain service from a particular company. While you must be able to set up and modify these records freely and without any restrictions as you own a given domain, lots of companies charge extra to give you this option.

Full DNS Management in Shared Web Hosting

With every single shared web hosting that we offer you are able to set up, delete or change any DNS record for any domain or subdomain hosted inside your account effortlessly. The Hepsia CP we provide with the shared accounts comes with a simple and user-friendly tool that will enable you to see all current records and create new ones with only a couple of mouse clicks. You're going to be able to create A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV or AAAA records, which will offer you complete control over your domains as well as the chance to pick the company which will provide you with a given service. As an illustration, if your site is on our advanced cloud platform, it will require a couple of clicks to direct your e-mail to be managed by a different provider. Different from other registrar and hosting companies, we don't charge an extra fee to provide you the DNS management service.