If you have purchased a web hosting package and you have some enquiries connected with a specific feature/function, or in case you’ve run into a certain challenge and you need assistance, you should be able to touch base with the respective customer support team. All web hosting companies use a ticketing system no matter if they provide other ways of contacting them along with it or not, since the very best way to handle an issue most often is to open a ticket. This kind of communication makes the replies sent by both sides simple to track and enables the technical support staff members to escalate the problem if, for example, a server admin should become involved. Usually, the ticketing system is part of the billing account and is not directly linked to the hosting space, which goes to say that you must have no less than two separate accounts to contact the tech support staff and to actually administer the hosting space. Non-stop logging in and out of different accounts may sometimes be a drag, not to mention the fact that it requires a long time for most hosting providers to answer the ticket requests themselves.

Integrated Ticketing System in Shared Web Hosting

In contrast with what you may find with numerous other web hosting companies, the support ticket system that we are using with our shared web hosting is part of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is included with all hosting accounts. You will not have to memorize several log-on names and passwords, since you will be able to manage your tickets and the web hosting account itself in one place. So, in case you’ve got an inquiry or stumble upon a difficulty, you can touch base with our customer service technicians immediately. Our system offers a smart search functionality. This goes to say that even if you’ve opened a multitude of tickets through the years, you will be able to find the one that you need without any difficulty. Besides, you can read knowledge base suggestions for resolving commonly met problems.