In case you have a virtual or a dedicated server, you'll need to carry out more things to ensure that is stays in shape compared to a shared web hosting account. The reason is that the shared hosting servers are managed by the provider, while with a standalone server you'll be the only one who controls thing. Examples of the tasks that you will have to do are installing server-side apps and keeping them up-to-date, overseeing the hosting server and rebooting it if needed, etc. If you don't have spare time for this type of tasks, however, or if you have not had a server of your own and you feel unsure of what exactly you have to do, you can use our optional management services. If you do this, our system admins will take care of each one of these additional tasks for you, so you shall be to work on your websites and to promote them, so as to get more visitors and potential clients without needing to spend time and efforts on details.